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This was my previous workstation. It was the second one which replaced a dual P3 machine that came down with a case of the defective capacitors.

Tech Specs
CPU Dual Prestonia Xeon @ 3.06 GHz w/533MHz FSB
HSF Stock "wind-tunnels"
Mobo Intel SE7505VB2
RAM 2G Crucial ECC
Vid Dual Viewsonic VP171s on a Matrox Parhelia 256M
Sound M-Audio Audiophile 2496
connected via coaxial to Denon AVR-1604
with five Mirage OmniSat Micros and a Mirage LF100 sub
HD Four Western Digital 74G Raptors
in RAID 10 with 3Ware Escalade 8506



Hot-swap bays  



  Mirage Omnisat Micro

  Mirage Omnisat Micro

  Mirage LF100 Subwoofer

  Looking into office

  Next - this workstation is refit