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At the suggestion of Mr. James Browne from the GPS Adventure Touring forum, I ordered the pannier mounts to act as "crash bars" for the back half of the bike:

KTM suitcase mounts

I also replaced the silver luggage rack with a black one:

Black luggage rack

Here is a view of the tail with the racks installed. You can also see the finger sheilds under the grab bar:

KTM 950 Adventure tail

This bike really is in pristine condition - especially considering it is almost six years old! The only real scuffs on it were low on the tanks. I suspect they probably occured during loading:

Scratches on tank

Originally, I was just going to get a bit of touch-up paint but after seeing some of the 950s and 990s on the Adventure Rider forums, I decided that the carbon fiber tank protectors would look better:

Carbon kevlar tank protectors

I also decided to add on the clutch and ignition cover protectors:

Carbon kevlar clutch and ignition protectors

Surprisingly enough, they are simply glued on with RTV:

Silicone to glue CF protection (?)

CF protection held in place while glue cures