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So, this new motherboard is installed in the case. It was a bit of a squeeze because of my secondary power supply but fit fine in the end. I formatted my C:>Windows and E:>Applications partitions and reinstalled Windows. I tested it out and ran it for a full week (very fast) and then back on the operating table it goes.

The next step is something that just has to be done (at least by me). And that is replacing the "greenie" over the northbridge. Here is a surprise. They actually put heatsink compound between the chip and the heatsink - wow.

Surprise! Heatsink compound!

So, I cleaned all the white goo off with some rubbing alcohol and a Q-tip and here it is. The chip is surprisingly flat.


After taking this picture, I noticed that it was not quite as clean as I first thought and cleaned it some more ('till it squeaked).

Finally, the end of the operation. An over-sized 50mm HSF is stuck to the northbridge and some heatsinks are stuck to the southbridge and the clock generator. These were purchased as a kit from

Cool motherboard

Spent the day today changing the multiplier, resetting the BIOS and increasing the Vcore, etc. In the end, I got 1.533GHz with a 1.825 Vcore (11.5 x 133). I was hoping for 1.6GHz but......

Gonna try some FSB increases next.

Update: - with a little mucking about I'm getting 1540 with a 140MHz FSB and a 11x multiplier. I haven't finished playing yet though. There may be 1600 in there somewhere........