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In the Enlight, the most effective fan placement seemed to be from the intake fans on the side panel. With this case, I decided to take that step just a bit further. This time I'm going with two 120mm YS-Tech (131.5cfm) and three 80mm Panflo (47 cfm). All the fans, filters and guards for this project were purchased from

Laying out fans for door

I took ALOT of time here measuring and lining everything up to make sure that it would fit perfectly and squarely. The dust filters in the side of the Enlight were too close together and made removing them to clean difficult.

Now that I was convinced it would all fit the way I want, I began drilling out the holes for the mounting bolts using the fans as a template.

Mounting the fans

Using those four holes, I can draw an "X" to find the centers. The intersection of the "X' is centerpunched and drilled as a pilot for the big holesaws (a 3" Starett and a 4.5" Lenox).

Cutting the holes

There are two things to note in this photo. First is the use of bar clamps to hold the panel in place. I had some rather unpleasant experiences with the last case where the holesaw would bind and swing the panel at me. Second is the use of cutting fluid. This is "Cool Tool II". It makes a hell of a mess but keeps the saw teeth from overheating and losing their temper. Metal-cutting holesaws aren't cheap and I don't want to wear them out prematurely.

With the "small" 80mm holes cut, I can move to the 120mms. This pic is just to give another angle of the clamps. Something I should point out here is the metal of this case is really THICK! Like a quarter! Very impressed.

07doorct.JPG - 49354 Bytes

The final step is deburring the holes using the Dremel. Here is the completed side. The beer bottle gives a good comparison as to just how big this case is!

Side panel holes finished  
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