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So after a looooonnnngggggg wait (three weeks), the case is back. The fellow who painted it did a great job (you'll get to see it later - on with the mods).

For a little "flair", I decided to add some flexible electrolumescent cable to the rims of the blowholes. The cable itself was pretty easy to work with but installing it was (ahem) difficult. I used a hot melt glue gun to tack the cable in place and when it was where I wanted it, sealed it to the case using silicone. Gluegun glue does not stick to metal very well so I had to keep the bends wide between the holes.

The top 120mm blowholes were also rimmed with the neon wire.

Gluing the Neon wire down

After letting the RTV cure overnight, I can now install the fans. There are just a few of them so this shouldn't take too long....... (doh!)

Lots o' fans!

As with the Enlight case, they are sitting on rubber faucet washers to prevent vibration. Once they are all bolted down, I cut the extra bolt length off.

Fans installed - cutting off excess bolt

The top fans are installed the same way and I was just about to secure the lid when I discovered that the washers were now holding the fan down a little lower than expected and the bolts and finger guard were touching the chassis. So, once again out with the mini grinder to make a little room.


Room for fan

The fan now cleared the frame with room to spare.  
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