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The power supply that came with this case is a 350W Sparkle. Ordinarily, that should be plenty of power. But I am running a rather large number of fans and might have plans for the future. So, I disected a Samlex 12 volt, 23 amp (275W) supply and installed it in the front of the case. A relay is used to turn the device on. When the computer's power supply turns on, the relay is engaged and turns on the Samlex.

275W of 12v

Here is how it is wired:

schematic for wiring second PSU

The fans are now all hard wired in. No molex connectors here! Everything is cut, soldered and heatshrinked together. Makes for a much more professional looking installation, don't you think? That big black cable running across the frame is the AC feed for the 12v power supply.

Wiring on right side

So here is what it all looks like together.

Completed wiring job

Close up of IDE cabling

With the amount of air these fans are going to draw, filters are totally necessary. But, they are kinda ugly so this time I put them on the inside.

Internally mounted dust filters  
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