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This should have gone up quite awhile ago - but I just never got around to it

Anyhow, the old 18G ata33 WD hard drive I had was filling up and getting bogged down. Unfortunately, it wasn't just a matter of making space there plain old wasn't enough of it. So in the RagE way of thinking, instead of simply adding another drive, a RAID array was due!

Once again off shopping we go and purchased two 30G, Western Digital, 7200rpm, ata100 drives and a Promise FastTrac100Pro kit. I had only wanted the card but the fellow that sold it to me said he could only get it in this boxed set:

SuperSwap drive enclosures

Originally, I wasn't going to use these SuperSwap hard drive enclosures as being able to hot-swap a drive in a striped array is not something you want to do. But remember what I said about worrying about adding another drive when the time came? Well that time was now and I had no where to put an extra drive (oops). So what the hell, I tore 'em down and got 'em painted. And I must say they look just fine.

So, here we are again.

New look - left side

New look - right side

These images were taken for the Maximum PC article, btw. This one below is a much better pic of the neon in the dark. It was taken using my work partner's Olympus camera

New look - in the dark  
The "final" upgrade! - click here!
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