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There will be approximately 400cfm being drawn in from the side panel. That air has to go somewhere so it is time to take the "lid" off the case (another nice feature) and install two 120mm YS-Techs (131.5cfm) as top exhausts.
Again, it is carefully measured to ensure that it will both fit back on and have enough clearance for the floppy drive.

Laying out the top exhaust fans

These two are going to have to be real close together to fit in the lid so I tightly tie wrapped them together.
As with the side intakes the fans themselves are used to drill out the mounting holes. The centers are found, centerpunched and drilled.

Again, the piece is firmly clamped in place and the cutting fluid used.

Cutting top exhaust holes

After deburring the edges, we have two perfect exhaust holes. Note how close they are together. If the metal was thinner, I think it probably would have torn from putting the holes so close.

Top exhaust holes  
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