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After the upgrade to the MSI motherboard, the guts were getting cramped. The floppy cable would no longer reach to the motherboard and the IDE cable for the CD drives was tight as a bowstring. So it was time to clean this mess up. While I'm at it (I told myself) I might as well get a new power supply for the power hungry T-Bird so an Enermax EG465P-VE was due (it is a 431W supply).

First thing was to extend the power cables and cut off the existing Molex connecters. The cables were run up to the top and then dropped straight down to where they are needed. The straight Molex connecters were replaced with 90 degree ones:

Backs of the drives

This somewhat blurry pic seems to be the only one I took - hmmmm

Finally, the ribbon cables were all layed flat against the case wall (instead of rolling them up).

Final guts

So far, this is the cleanest I've managed to get my cabling. I'm pleased.

OK - thats it! Its done - honest.  
heh - right its never done click here!
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